Everything You Need To Know About Sunbrella, Crypton and Performance Fabrics

Confession: I am not a neat-freak. With two young kids and two dogs, the one thing I can guarantee is that no surface in my home is safe from spills or messes. And as much as I love pretty fabrics and cool furniture, I don’t love stressing over keeping everything clean. I need surfaces that are easy to wipe up and fabrics that are easy to maintain.

Finding the right high-performance, stain-resistant fabric is key to keeping my upholstery in good condition for a long, long time. It used to be that performance fabrics only came in a few colors and textures (like the thick, stiff canvas used for outdoor awnings), but now there are almost endless options in every color and texture – ranging from velvets, linens and chenilles, to bold colors, neutrals, and fun patterns.

Here’s an inside scoop on the most popular performance fabrics on the market, what makes them different, and some real world examples of how I’ve used them with clients.


Traditionally dyed and printed fabrics have color applied only to the surface of the fibers. Like a radish, which is red on the outside, but white on the inside. Sunbrella fabrics are like carrots. The color goes to the core of every fiber and can’t be wiped away no matter what happens to the fabric or yarn surface.


Crypton Home fabrics use a patented “repel and release” technology that resists stains, moisture and odors. This technology is integrated into each fiber of their fabric, so the resistance won’t break down over time. Crypton’s technology also prohibits the growth of bacteria and mold.


Nanotex uses a certified nanotechnology to transform the structure of fibers on an atomic level, bonding with the fibers to give them permanent stain resistant, moisture management, odor control and wrinkle resistant properties. A fabric can be treated with the Nanotex process without changing the natural characteristics of the fabric, such as how soft it feels (the “hand”) or how it drapes.


Teflon is a fluorochemical finish that is applied to fabrics. The finish repells stains without changing the fabrics inherent feel or color. If a fabric is protected with a Teflon finish, liquid spills will bead up on the surface of the fabric, rolling off and easily wiped away. Dirt and other dry soil can also be brushed off easily. The Teflon finish is generally applied to a fabric before it is upholstered onto furniture, and this is usually done by our fabric manufacturers before providing the fabric to the upholsterers.

How to Mix Vintage and Contemporary Furniture

Mixing antique or vintage furniture with contemporary decor can create excitement and visual interested in your home. When done well, it creates the multi-layered, well-traveled and “curated over time” look that is so en vogue right now. Here are 4 easy tips for mixing furniture from different time periods and styles in your home.

1. Pick A Dominant Style – Begin by picking a dominant style for the room. Will it be mostly a contemporary space with antique accents? Or a period room with complimentary contemporary accents? This will keep your furniture from competing with each other and limit clutter.

2. Create Contrast – Without contrast, your room can end up bland and boring. However, by deliberately combining the contrasting elements of modern and vintage decor, you can highlight the individual personality and beauty of each piece. Remember, opposites attract. The more opposing in detail two pieces are, the more they stand out from one another.

3. Limit Clutter – Clutter takes your attention away from the furniture and accessories you want to showcase. Pick a focal point in the room and add a few vintage and contemporary pieces to compliment it.

4. Experiment with A Neutral Color Scheme – One of the easiest ways to start mixing vintage and modern furniture is to stick to a neutral color scheme. This removes other variables, such as needing to coordinate colors and mix patterns. One thing to keep in mind when working with a neutral color scheme is that proportion and scale matter. A large piece of furniture in a neutral room will demand attention.

Happy Anniversary!

Today is an especially happy day for us at Studio 882. Although we’ve been in business for over 4 years (including 3 at our old location in Chadds Ford), it is our one year anniversary at our new 13,000 square foot showroom in Glen Mills! It has taken a mountain of dedication and hard-work from our staff, and we’ve been welcomed with open arms by the community. Did you know that Studio 882 has worked on projects in almost all 50 states and multiple countries? We’re so fortunate to have the support and trust of staff, customers and community.

To celebrate our anniversary, we’re sharing our favorite displays from Studio 882’s showroom. And, for a fun, behind the scenes look at the construction and set up of Studio 882, follow us on Instagram.

Traditional and contemporary mix for a sophisticated look. Photo: Courtney Apple.

Classic furniture silhouettes, like a leather chichester sofa, mix with uniquely shaped pieces, like our Arc cocktail table and Cortez console. Photo: Courtney Apple.

These perfectly green curios by Kindel Furniture steal the show. Photo: Courtney Apple.

A comfortable mix of rustic and handsome details. We especially love the plaid fabric on our Bradstreet chairs. Photo: Courtney Apple.

Who knew black & white could be so interesting? Each piece in little vignette is a showstopper. Photo: Courtney Apple.

Mixing fabrics and patterns create a calm, but visually interesting room. Photo: Rebecca McAlpin.

This bedroom setting, featuring bed and mirror from Mary McDonald’s Chaddock collection and window treatments by Main Line Window Decor are one of everyone’s favorite settings. Photo: Rebecca McAlpin.

The attention to detail and mix of finishes in this dining setting add instant glamour. Photo: Rebecca McAlpin.

We offer the full breadth of traditional furniture and styles. Like this dining setting from Kindel’s Winterthur collection.

Some of my favorite pieces – the Athens Lounge Chairs and Blossom Mirror. Photo: Rebecca McAlpin.

Our showroom is always changing, with new items and fresh inspiration constantly on display. So make sure you stop in and let us know your new favorite room vignettes in our showroom!

Before and After: Celebrating Philadelphia Magazine’s 2017 Design Home

It takes a watchful eye to forecast the latest design and decorating trends. But it takes vision, creativity and hard work to pinpoint the exact mix of trends that set extraordinary homes apart from the ordinary. For past decade and a half, Philadelphia magazine has been a steward of this visionary process, bringing together the best architects, builders, designers, and manufacturers to create yearly Design Homes. Each home has been a unique and stunning showcase of the year’s most timely trends and timeless designs.

This year marks the 15th anniversary of Philadelphia magazine’s Design Home, and the second year in a row we’ve joined the fun as a furniture sponsor. Builder Mark K. Weiss, McIntyre Capron Architects and designers Polly Carlton of Winslow Interiors and Kathy Moore of KAM Interiors created a beautiful home in Wynnewood, PA that blended English Norman architecture with the newest trends in finishes and a spacious floor plan.

Studio 882 furnished and decorated 4 rooms: the dining room, the piano room, the boys bedroom and the guest bedroom. Each were vastly different rooms, requiring vastly different styles and decor approaches. This is where Studio 882 excels – in finding unique design solutions for unique spaces. Below, enjoy the before and after photos of our 2017 Design Home Rooms, highlighting just how important the right furniture is.

Piano Room (Before)

Piano Room (After). Photo by Jay Greene Photography

Dining Room (Before)

Dining Room (After). Photo by Jay Greene Photography

Boys Room (Before)

Boys Room (After)

Guest Room (Before)

Guest Room (After)



From Fashion Runways to the Home: Our Spring 2017 Trend Report

At Studio 882, we’re all about timeless design with an outstanding twist. Sometimes these twists are drawn from the unique personal style of our clients, sometimes they are connected to a homeowner’s heritage, and sometimes they are born from the latest fashion trends.

We’re always keeping an eye on what’s going on in the fashion world and how it influences furniture and interior design. As we watched the Spring/Summer 2017 runways, we were particularly struck by certain similarities in fashion and interior design trends. Below, check out 5 of the biggest trends we’ve spotted. And, you can download our entire Trend Forecast 2017.

1. Stripes Galore

Stripes in all sizes and colors were everywhere on the 2017 spring fashion runways, and this year be prepared for stripes to bring a jolt of energy to furniture and home decor as well. Some of our favorite new case goods and occasional pieces manipulate materials and finishes in innovative ways to create bold stripe patterns.

2. Cool Khaki

“Beige” is no longer synonymous with boring, and this spring, khaki will be especially widespread in fashion and home decor. But, the 2017 khaki trend is more about standing out than blending in. In furniture design, manufacturers are using a wider array of materials like resin, woven natural fibers and plaster, and new techniques used to create exquisite texture where we haven’t seen it before.

3. Fashionably Faceted

Designers sent voluminous sleeves and architectural shoulder pads reminiscent of the 80s down the S/S 17 runways. In furniture, interior designers are similarly using strong angles to create volume. Faceted forms are popping up everywhere and in the most unexpected places, from cabinet door fronts to mirrored surfaces.

4. 80’s Glam

The 80s brought back its more-is-more maximalism mantra to the runways with high shine fabrics, draped volume, mini lengths and strong shoulders. The return to the 82s in interior design is a stark contrast to recent trend towards edited minimalism. The essence of the 80s redux lies in a combination of bold patterns, tons of sparkle and shine, and dramatic colors.

5. Wow Factor

Decadent, over the top statement earrings continue to be a fashion favorite. These bold accessories are perfect for attracting attention in the age of Instagram, just as ultra-glam lighting is in home decor. Oversized chandeliers and sconces with glass and lucite, brass, gilded or silver leaf finishes are the hottest home accessory in 2017.